Medical Director Summit

The 6th Annual North Carolina Medical Director Summit (MDS) is scheduled for March 4, 2022, at the Grandover Resort and Conference Center in Greensboro, NC.

Are you ready to be inspired? To spend time learning alongside and from your Emergency Medicine colleagues? To gain unique insights into challenges ahead in 2022 and beyond?


This unique opportunity brings together the collective expertise and experience of NC Emergency Medicine leaders – and those aspiring to lead in the future! This summit will continue to tackle many of the difficult challenges that we face each day and equip you to have a positive impact. With a focus on collaborative solutions based on team discussions, we will learn from each other as we prepare for the future of EM and advocating for our specialty. Whether new to the medical director leadership teams of North Carolina or one that participated in the previous years, we hope to engage you regarding the clinical challenges and potential solutions, current and future legislation that will impact our specialty, advocacy, and being part of the future of Emergency Medicine in North Carolina and beyond. We hope that this recurrent central location will allow for broad participation. We look forward to learning from each of you once again.

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