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College of Emergency Physicians

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COVID-19 Information and Resources

Please visit our COVID-19 resource and information page for primarily North Carolina and NCDHHS resources and information. Please visit ACEP’s COVID-19 resource page for national/CDC news and updates.

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A Message from our President

Where do we stand in the everchanging world of health care? The North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians is hard at work on many issues impacting emergency medicine.  I will detail some below that have been of particular interest that we will be focusing on this coming year.

Violence, nursing shortages, boarding, reimbursement issues, and workforce shortages have all been in the forefront more than ever since covid came on the scene over three years ago. I know we have many mountains to climb but there are definitely signs we are making progress and we will continue to work on these issues to provide a better work environment for our members.

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