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COVID-19 Information and Resources

Please visit our COVID-19 resource and information page for primarily North Carolina and NCDHHS resources and information. Please visit ACEP’s COVID-19 resource page for national/CDC news and updates.

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A Message from our President

Boarding, nursing shortages, violent patients, burnout….These are the realities we are facing right now in emergency medicine. And if that is not enough, insurance companies are trying to pinch everyone while they make record profits. These are challenging times for all of us. We are the experts at chaos. Like MacGyver (I am dating myself) we can take a mess and come up with solutions to any problem presented to us. Unfortunately, this very talent we possess can bandaid the real issues making the numbers look acceptable. Doing this on a daily basis, however, pushes us to the edge every day, every shift. It pushes our nurses and staff to the brink.

We don’t know how long the shortages will last or for how long patients will be boarding in our departments. Violence will NOT be tolerated…..Period. NCCEP is 100% committed to sounding the alarm on this issue and will not stop until we feel our staff, physicians, patients and their family members are protected. We will continue to fight the insurance companies for fair reimbursement. All goods and services are much more expensive than they were two years ago. I feel, given the environment in which we work and the excellent care we provide, we deserve consideration for better compensation not an effective pay cut due to inflation.

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