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College of Emergency Physicians

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COVID-19 Information and Resources

Please visit our COVID-19 resource and information page for primarily North Carolina and NCDHHS resources and information. Please visit ACEP’s COVID-19 resource page for national/CDC news and updates.

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A Message from our President

I am very proud to follow Dr. Puri as President of NCCEP. He shepherded us through a tumultuous past year beginning with the failure of our state government to pass a budget, planned changes to the State Health Plan, Medicaid transformation, pushing back balanced billing legislation, advocating for increased use and reimbursement for telehealth and culminating with a global pandemic. I was going to thank him for finalizing all of those efforts, but as everyone’s efforts shifted to address COVID-19 and most projects were put on hold, we will have to circle back to them this next year.

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