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College of Emergency Physicians

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Virtual Exhibit Hall

Welcome to the NCCEP 2020 Virtual Exhibit Hall. Analogous to having display booths at a conference, this space offers companies an opportunity to share information about their products and services, showcase their latest innovations, and connect with emergency physicians and other emergency medicine providers. Please visit our exhibit “booths” to learn about products and services that could enhance your practice knowledge and accelerate your research.

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A Message from our President

I am very proud to follow Dr. Puri as President of NCCEP. He shepherded us through a tumultuous past year beginning with the failure of our state government to pass a budget, planned changes to the State Health Plan, Medicaid transformation, pushing back balanced billing legislation, advocating for increased use and reimbursement for telehealth and culminating with a global pandemic. I was going to thank him for finalizing all of those efforts, but as everyone’s efforts shifted to address COVID-19 and most projects were put on hold, we will have to circle back to them this next year.

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